We are the Heretics and we like to blow the doors off every now and then and we only release the best quality wine and we know the difference between Puligny and Chassagne and we love art, like really love art and we support independent fashion producers and we only listen to decent music and we never listen to Heart FM and we know fast fashion is a problem and we say boll*cks to sh*t wine and we play our music much too loud and we love a festival and we never sit on the fence and we love the smell of books and we ask forgiveness, not permission and we love vinyl and we are obsessed with music and we love what we do and crossfit buggers our shoulders too and we love Burgundy

Clothing: Sheep Inc

June 7, 2024

Clothing: Sheep Inc

Who: www.sheepinc.com

What is it? I came across this brand around 18 months ago when searching for more sustainable clothing. I’ve hated fast fashion for a long time and always try to buy less things that are much higher quality that are built to last, then I came across Sheep Inc. They work with Merino wool farmers in NZ and created the first carbon negative fashion brand. However, their commitment goes a lot deeper than that, they trace every single part of the journey which is logged in their unique, connected dot that you can tap your phone onto and see every stage of your garments process. Not only that but they will mend your clothing of any faults for life, oh and its comfortable as hell too. Check them out

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