We are the Heretics and we like to blow the doors off every now and then and we only release the best quality wine and we know the difference between Puligny and Chassagne and we love art, like really love art and we support independent fashion producers and we only listen to decent music and we never listen to Heart FM and we know fast fashion is a problem and we say boll*cks to sh*t wine and we play our music much too loud and we love a festival and we never sit on the fence and we love the smell of books and we ask forgiveness, not permission and we love vinyl and we are obsessed with music and we love what we do and crossfit buggers our shoulders too and we love Burgundy

Heretics Chardonnay
Blowhorn Rosé

Our love of wine isn’t a recent endeavour.

We’re from the wine trade, so we were in a good position when we started this. We knew a lot 
of people, and we knew a lot about English wine.

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‘We’re not traditional wine makers. We’re not picnic kind of people, visits to the opera don’t really float our boat and classical music leaves us a bit bewildered. We love festivals, we love clubs, and we love banging wine.’

Gareth Maxwell - Chief Hustler, The Heretics

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