We are the Heretics and we like to blow the doors off every now and then and we only release the best quality wine and we know the difference between Puligny and Chassagne and we love art, like really love art and we support independent fashion producers and we only listen to decent music and we never listen to Heart FM and we know fast fashion is a problem and we say boll*cks to sh*t wine and we play our music much too loud and we love a festival and we never sit on the fence and we love the smell of books and we ask forgiveness, not permission and we love vinyl and we are obsessed with music and we love what we do and crossfit buggers our shoulders too and we love Burgundy

Heretics Chardonnay

fresh, clean, and lemony without being tart

Six different labels, One outstanding wine


‘Essex is rapidly becoming the place to grow top-quality Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and for this wine, we have worked with Missing Gate Vineyard. We wanted to keep this wine as fresh as possible, so we used a stainless steel fermentation tank, which was lees stirred and blended with a touch of wine fermented in neutral, old Burgundy barrels. More technical info is below if you want the whole shebang…

We aren’t ones for flowery tasting notes laden with aromas and flavours that most people need help understanding, so we’ll keep this simple. The wine is fresh, clean, and lemony without being tart, It is beautifully balanced with a long length; you won’t notice the oak. Drink it with whatever you like – fish, a dancing partner, your picky father-in-law, Sault’s latest album (we can’t keep up), or even on your own with a bag of crisps and the stereo up to 11, or even 420, no judgements here.


This special, limited edition release wine has 6 different labels for you to enjoy. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get all 6 but hopefully you will (there’s a few production constraints!)

Technical details and Tasting notes will be added once the wines are ready

Suitable for vegans/vegetarians

Delivery? Will be serviced via our fleet of flying unicorns merely seconds after you pay. However, if they are busy (and they do get busy), it’ll be with APC and will take a couple of days. If you really do need it quicker, give us a shout, but there’s only two of us doing it, just FYI

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